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Coverage and Plan Options

Dental Insurance

Keep your smile a happy one with a dental insurance option that covers your dental needs.  From teeth cleanings to major repairs, discuss options with an advisor today.

Vision Insurance

Annual eye exams, lasik procedures, discounts on glasses and contact lenses and much more are the benefits to expect with vision coverage.  Do you have medical optical needs?  Ask a consultant to review plans today.

Insurance for Employees

Own a business?  Want to offer insurance to your employees?   We offer corporate/ business health insurance policies for groups of varying sizes.  Talk to an Agent today about your needs, so we can build a custom plan for you.

Prescription Coverage

Tired of overpaying for prescription medication?  Our Agents can look up your medication and see if there are available prescription plans available that can reduce the cost of the medicines you need.  Ask an agent today.

Major Medical Insurance

Primary medical insurance is a crucial part to keeping our families healthy.   Medical debt is one of the worst forms of debt to manage.  Having major medical coverage could be the most important part of your personal insurance needs.  Please let our agents discuss the reasons and benefits to obtaining full coverage.

Supplemental Policies

Already have insurance?   Are you finding that certain items aren't covered by your plan?   Our agents can help discuss supplemental coverage to provide benefits in areas you don't seem to have coverage.   Talk to an Agent today about Supplemental plan options.

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